Our Environmental Statement

We are committed to:

Planting and growing 

Providing supplementary feeding for our song birds and gamebirds

Leaving areas of the Park over to nature

Working to enhance the environment on our Park for the benefit of wildlife

Reducing waste and recycling

Installing environmentally-friendly untilities wherever and whenever possible

Helping our guests to enjoy the wildlife on the Park and participate in its conservation

Helping our guests to do their bit for the environment

Expecting our suppliers and contractractors to have high environmental standards

Assessing the environmental impact of current and future operations

Supporting our local economy, communities and Country Park

Complying with environmental legislation


Rufus Bellamy has ten inspirational ideas on how holiday parks can attract wildlife - can you spot how many  of these have been implemented at Wintersett Lakes? - 

1. PILE-EM HIGH - create a log pile that wildlife can colonise and enjoy

2. CREATE A HEROIC HEAP - a compost heap is a must for any wildlife-friendly park.


3. HAVE A REAL HOOT - put up an owl box (can you  see and hear the owls on site and identify their calls?)


4. GET A BUZZING BRICK - bees are really important, but also in trouble- create a collection of tubes that bees can use.


5. GIVE A HEDGEHOG A HOME- provide dense undistrubed undergrowth and nice long grass  to snuffle through 


6. FEED THE BIRDS - provide feeding stations and tables (how many birds can you count at any one time at our stations?)


7. GET DIGGING - newts, frogs and toads are desperate for somewhere to live (can you tell a smooth newt from a lizard?)

8. GIVE THE BUTTERFLIES A BAR - plant a bank of nectar rich buddleia or 'butterfly bush' (how many species of butterfly are on site?)

9. GET PLANTING - even planting a single tree is worhtwhile - it is a great thing to do for wildlife (which tree species hosts most wildlife?)


10. GO BATTY AND BIRDY - bird boxes will bring bio-diversity literally flocking to the park! Add bat boxes and night patrol is sorted