Booking Terms and Conditions

Wintersett Lakes is a recreational caravan and camping site only. Entry is  limited to Caravan and Camping Club/Caravan Club  members from July 2013 and we operate principally according to the Camping Code  that can be found on their website - we  exist purely for the peaceful enjoyment of the countryside. Sorry - Our aim is to be a  short stay site with no provision for guests who want ot stay in their units for much of the season/year.

Guest are required to show respect to fellow campers, our neighbours and our site  at all times.

We do not  allow commercial vehicles on site  - sorry!

Due to pitch configuration we cannot take  large continental type caravans - for example those with doors on the opposite side. Please check when booking

We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person/unit and to waive or amend any terms or conditions at our absolute discretion

During term time we would not normally expect bookings for school-age children - adults only. Weekends and school holidays are family friendly with lots of activites locally - mid-week term time is adult only.

Your booking will be confirmed in writing by text, letter, telephone  or email



We cannot be held liable for cancellations although we will endeavour to avoid them wherever possible

Sorry! Our small Deposits cannot normally be refunded, but we will endeavour to consider exceptional cases.



Wintersett Lakes cannot accept responsibility for any theft loss or damage nor injury whilst on site



Please refer to booking 'pleases' page for further information